How to set up Viber on iPhone 5S

Every year fewer and fewer people use calls and messages via a SIM card. They are being replaced by applications that allow you to do it all over the Internet. There are a whole bunch of them in the open spaces of the AppStore and Play Market. But, the clear leader among the programs for Internet calls is Viber. Many people prefer it because of its simple interface, many options and other bells and whistles. An equally important point for some is the fact that it was created by Belarusian programmers.

It's easy to start using the app on iPhone. The first step is to download it from the AppStore.

  1. We go to the store, select the search and drive in Viber there. Download and proceed to the configuration stage.
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    How to set up Viber on iPhone 5S

  3. As in most other applications, first we choose whether we need notifications from it. How to set up Viber on iPhone 5S
  4. After that, go to the start screen of the program. Click continue and allow or deny the use of our contacts. It is best to allow it, since in this case the people who use Viber will immediately appear in the application. How to set up Viber on iPhone 5S
  5. Then we select the country and enter the phone number.
  6. How to set up Viber on iPhone 5S

  7. After that, we instantly receive an activation code, enter it and move on to the next stage. How to set up Viber on iPhone 5S
  8. Here the user will have to enter their data on their own or transfer them from Vkontakte or Facebook. This completes the configuration of the basic parameters for making calls via the Internet.

Later, the program can be more finely customized for yourself through your profile. To do this, find in the lower right corner the icon labeled 'More' and select the 'Settings' item in the menu that opens. How to set up Viber on iPhone 5S How to set up Viber on iPhone 5S

That's it, now the application is completely ready for use. We add new contacts and make calls.

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