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Everyone is faced with the need to pull something out of iPhone or upload. And do it as quickly as possible without unnecessary movements. iTunes is a huge, hulking monster. It's time to open training courses for all its functions and glitches.

I already talked about file managers here. I would like to share the joys of another program – i-FunBox. At the moment, the version is The program is absolutely free. Download and use.

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In terms of capabilities, this is something between PC Suite and DiskAid. Of course, it does not reach the functionality of the first. But for some, Suite causes a phobia because it requires installing a software module on the phone. Yes, and Kaspersky swears at her, supposedly allows himself a lot.

There is nothing superfluous in the i-FunBox. The whole program is one exe-shnik. Files can be copied to a computer, uploaded to the phone, deleted and renamed. Compared to iPhone DiskAid, this is more convenient. All functions are available from the context menu (right mouse button). Plus quick access to folders with photos, ringtones, programs. These bookmarks are displayed immediately as icons.

The program cannot change file permissions. This is currently only available in the PC Suite

Download ipa file: i-FunBox

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