I was sucked in by dangerous sucking …

I was sucked in by dangerous sucking ... Yesterday I received the release of a new game. Usually advertising releases are a complete trash. But Graal Era is a pleasant exception that turned me off for a half day off. The bottom line … This can be called a social network of a novice bastard, or a course of a young fighter for a bandit. Imagine that you are a simple bandit in a bandit city. You need to assert yourself, and for this you need that …. that's right – bablos. Just like in life, only more severe. And any methods are suitable for this, even picking up garbage and flowers (for suckers :)) I don't know how to make money on a car and an automatic machine, but I think not with flowers. Prepare to spend half your time in the hospital at first. And keep in mind that EVERYONE has a barrel, or even two. For me, this game has not yet fully opened, and this is its beauty. There are always about five hundred users online, so you won't be bored. Of the minuses – crooked control, it is not immediately clear how to use objects. The game is free, installed from the appstore. I was sucked in by dangerous sucking ... Install from appstore: GraalOnline Era

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