ICaller – quick search in the phone book [Promo codes]

iCaller - quick search in the phone book [Promo codes] This feature was sorely lacking in the native iPhone application. When the number of entries in the phone book exceeds a hundred, it becomes problematic to find the desired number. Especially if you are driving or walking in a dense crowd. Now it is enough to dial two or three digits that are in the subscriber's phone number and the program will display a list of matches. Search by name is also performed. You will see all contacts with the entered set of letters. The program is integrated with the phone book of the phone, you can add and change contacts, create your own list of favorites for quick calls. ICaller - quick search in the phone book [Promo codes] If you want to get a promo code for free installation of the program, write in the comments. The codes will be shared with the first three registered readers. Price: $ 0.99 Install from AppStore: iCaller

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