ICircuit: CAD – to help radio amateurs

iCircuit: CAD - to help radio amateurs A program has appeared in the AppStore, which will surely delight radio amateurs, as well as students of universities in radio engineering. Developers from Krueger Systems. Inc released the iCircuit application to work with all kinds of circuits. An excellent find for those who, due to duty or the call of their hearts, are fond of analysis and experiments with analog and digital circuits. At its core, iCircuit is a cross between a visual aid for students who are just learning the basics of physics and mechanics, and an editor for more experienced theoretical physicists, engineers and radio amateurs. The iCircuit interface is simple to the point of disgrace, as, in principle, all CAD programs of this category: the user adds the necessary details of the circuit, experiments with their interaction, and then, after setting the properties, tests the resulting circuit. More than 30 parts and elements are already included in the iCircuit program for quick creation of circuits. In addition, the application is equipped with a so-called multimeter for circuit analysis in order to establish the value of current and voltage in different parts of the built circuit. You can also monitor how these metrics change as you change circuit element settings using the built-in oscilloscope. Several signals can be superimposed on each other. iCircuit: CAD - to help radio amateurs Among the elements supported by iCircuit: various voltage sources, signal generators, all kinds of resistors, current sources, inductors and capacitors, diodes, transistors, LEDs, logic elements and many others familiar to every engineer or radio amateur. iCircuit: CAD - to help radio amateurs iCircuit is a convenient and inexpensive specialized application with a nice-looking interface and an impressive set of functions. Developer: Krueger Systems, Inc. Current version: 1.3 Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch as well as iPad. Requires at least iOS 3.1, better later versions, due to intensive loads on the smartphone processor. Install from AppStore

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