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iCities - let's play cities iCities - let's play cities The first game in case there is nothing to do is, of course, “Cities”. Firstly, it’s not boring, but in a large company, you can laugh well. Secondly, it perfectly trains the brain: the gray matter strains the convolutions and makes you remember everything that you knew and did not know. But sometimes there are situations that either there is no one to play with, or a controversial question arises: is there a city? A game application for iPhone “iCity” is perfect for every case. iCities - let's play cities A simple, but very creative interface, immediately attracts attention. In addition to the main buttons, the user can pay attention to the drawn row of buttons at the bottom of the screen. Here are social networks, rules, and also a dictionary. The top row is represented by the Game Center, and the start of the game in Off-line mode. As many probably know, with the help of the Game Center you can find an opponent and play with him On-line. Database – people from all over the world. The game without an Internet connection is presented in two types: with a computer, and with a friend. To be honest, I didn't find any reason to play “iCity” with a friend on iPhone. Perhaps one – a huge dictionary can indicate whether such a city exists or not. It is much more interesting to play with the computer. Here the whole point is that he knows very, very cities, which means that playing against him will not seem like child's play, even at the easiest level. iCities - let's play cities iCities - let's play cities Every time you name a city, not only its name appears, but also the name of the country along with its flag: the complete set. Answers do not disappear immediately, but line up in a funny chain of answers that gradually disappears. The only drawback is that you need to write each city yourself, which means that if you do not know the exact name, the system will not accept your answer. There are no clues that could correct the answers a little. This is a little inconvenient, since you need to either check on the Internet or look for another answer. In general, the game turned out to be not just interesting, but also very useful in educational terms. And winning is always a pleasure. $ 0.99 Install from AppStore

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