The program is a Swiss knife.

1. Saves files from the Internet using the built-in browser.

2. Gives access to files on the phone over the network.

3. Plays downloaded files in mp3, mp4 format.

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You can exchange files on a wi-fi network between iPhone and a computer or two iPhone.

In the Share section, options for downloading and uploading files are set.

After that, with any Internet browser, you can go to the phone using its address on the network.

Of course, the program is not without flaws. You cannot specify a different folder for saving files. Exchange files are stored at: var / mobile / Media / … hash programs from numbers ..Documents / Downloads. And another application will not be able to get them out of there.

It would be nice to merge all downloads into one folder for dTunes and Installous. But the official software is deprived of such an opportunity.





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