IGO – navigator for iPhone

iGO - navigator for iPhone

I have long wanted to test the work of gps navigators for iPhone in the vast vastness. The other day, such an opportunity presented itself. Almost a week of travel to the distant Moscow region and Kaluga region. As an experimental program, iGO with maps for Russia was installed on the phone.

The car has long taken root in the Garmin car navigator, an old but reliable model. In comparison with it, I will try to describe all the pros and cons of this program.

iGO - navigator for iPhone

iGO - navigator for iPhone

I'll start with the picture on the screen.

The map in iGO is perfectly readable, the names of the streets are shown above the object and do not merge with the background. You can change the projection, rotate the map, view the entire path and virtually “drive” the route.

In the settings, it is possible to set the mode for driving, walking, cycling and even an emergency route.

Of the pleasant additions, iGO has its own audio player. From the program, you can start playing music in the background.

iGO - navigator for iPhone

iGO - navigator for iPhone

In terms of usability and thoughtfulness of the interface, iGO is also ahead. The end point of movement can be set simply by poking your finger at the desired place on the map.

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In general, with respect to Garmin, much less unnecessary movement is required here, and as a result – less distraction from the road, increasing traffic safety.

There is a very useful feature in iGO.

If you violate the speed limit, a speed limit sign for this section of the road appears on the screen. As I understand it, the program is packed with information about almost all permanent signs in Moscow. It helps a lot, especially when riding in unfamiliar areas.

Day and night mode with the ability to adjust the backlight is implemented in both devices. The object database is also almost the same. IGO also has the ability to search for objects along the route and at the point of arrival.

Putting all my impressions together, I can honestly write that navigation in Moscow in iGO is implemented at the highest level.

iGO - navigator for iPhone

iGO - navigator for iPhone

However, everything changes, one has only to leave the borders of the Moscow region.

Here iGO draws only the main federal highways, while driving on regional roads is presented as driving through fields and forests. Small towns and settlements are ignored by the program.

This is where the old, dull, but reliable Garmin comes to the rescue.

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