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IHearU - ShuherfonMy favorite iPhone is its versatility. For a programmer, he is like a sculptor a piece of clay, sculpt what you want. And you can think of any interface, even for pets. I myself have accumulated ideas, but there is no one to implement them 🙂 The iHearU program is a new category. The application determines the level of sound coming through the microphone. In case of exceeding a certain threshold, it calls the specified phone number. The function itself, in the event of an event, making a call is very useful and can be used as you like, depending on your imagination. The simplest thing is a baby monitor. More complicated is the alarm. After the call, you can hear what is happening in the room where iPhone or the microphone is located. Events are logged. In the settings, the trigger level and phone number are set. IHearU - Shuherfon

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