IMadeface – Make Your Face Simpler [Free]

iMadeface - Make Your Face Simpler [Free] iMadeface - Make Your Face Simpler [Free] iMadeface is a great mood-lifting app! Now, unfortunately, this genre has receded into the background and even the third plan, giving way to all kinds of arcades and social applications. Meanwhile, iMadeface is a very interesting application! The main idea of ​​the application, you guessed it, is to make an interesting face. And we will do it with a finger, that is, by hand. Select in the menu who we want to make a Boy or a girl and load it into the work area. Everything, you can start to 'create', in the good sense of the word. Before us is the initial model, and what it will turn out to be at the output depends entirely on your imagination. You can change absolutely everything: the shape of the eyes, the shape of the nose, mouth, hairstyle and so on. Moreover, you can change not only the shape, but also the color! Let's say I want a girl with a yellow nose – easy! I make simple finger movements to the right / left and now the desired image is ready. iMadeface - Make Your Face Simpler [Free] All control is to swipe left / right, down / up. Thus, the modes are switched, and the movements are 'native', so to speak, for users iPhone. In case it is difficult for us to figure it out, the developers have provided a simple hint scheme. iMadeface - Make Your Face Simpler [Free] When you have created a ready-made image, you can save it to the internal album of the application, to your own album on your phone, or share it with your friends on social networks. You can even put an image on your avatar at Facebook. iMadeface - Make Your Face Simpler [Free] The functionality of the application does not end with simple “image creation”. Also, the developers also provide a built-in mini-game, made as a 'find a pair'. Such a 'time killer'. The game provides three levels of difficulty and gives you the opportunity to earn coins for making internal purchases. iMadeface - Make Your Face Simpler [Free] The iMadeface application will diversify your phone and cheer up not only you, but also your friends! Download, especially for free.

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