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iMuscle 2 - Visual Fitness Everyone who goes to the gym after a while ask themselves the question: “why am I killing myself here and the results are zero.” And all because you do 90% of the exercises wrong. They turned their legs or arm a little wrong, took a little more weight, and the load went not where you planned. There is a great visual tutorial on exercises, look for an example, but unfortunately it is not in App Store. From more or less sensible, you can advise Fitness Course for Men, but everything is very long there. I thought iMuscle 2 was something like Muscle & Motion, but in reality it is just a good and visual workout tutorial. Unlike other similar applications, this is a very visual muscle encyclopedia. Well, perhaps this is still the best thing in App Store … IMuscle 2 - Visual Fitness iMuscle 2 is both a physical fitness tracker for your body and a base of various exercises that allow you to increase and develop muscles. The application will not only tell everything about the muscles of your body, but also show them in a virtual model. The model is realistic and detailed, and can be viewed from different angles and scales. Not only the upper, but the lower layers of muscles are available, the existence of which you did not even know existed. IMuscle 2 - Visual Fitness When you select a specific muscle group in iMuscle 2, information appears about what exercises can be used to strengthen and build them. Exercise instructions are available in text mode and demo mode. Muscles can be found alphabetically (list) and on the 3D model. IMuscle 2 - Visual Fitness In the application you can find a huge number of exercises that are grouped into workouts. Each workout is flexibly configurable by the number of sets of one exercise, the weight of the dumbbell or barbell (if used), as well as the duration. iMuscle 2 will tell you about how often you need to do your workouts and will keep a log of them (duration, frequency, individual settings). IMuscle 2 - Visual Fitness You can create your own workouts by adding exercises from the application base to them. In addition to the existing ones, iMuscle 2 has the ability to create your own exercise or a group of exercises, for this you need good knowledge of English (the application interface is only available in English). IMuscle 2 - Visual Fitness As you perform exercises and trainings, progress will be available in the statistics section (yesterday, the day before yesterday, for the last 7, 14 or 30 days). By the duration and intensity of training, a physical model is simulated and full information about the state of your body is provided. IMuscle 2 - Visual Fitness Personally, I have long forgotten about the professional sports that I played in my youth, but I really liked iMuscle 2. I liked everything in the application, from the interface and the graphic component to the impressive information content. If you lead an active lifestyle and constantly go to the gym, create a profile in iMuscle 2, enter your parameters, choose exercises or sets of exercises and watch how your muscle mass grows and your body transforms. The application is sold at a price of 279 rubles, but it costs its money.

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