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'Time is money!' This expression is more relevant than ever in our information age. To make a profit, you need to make the right decision in the shortest period of time, based on the necessary information. The necessary information does not lie on the road, it must be collected and the most important thing to be extracted from it. In particular, this problem is relevant for such an area as trading exchanges, where the slightest delay in making a decision can cost a fortune. At the same time, correct and quick actions can bring a lot of income in a short time.

The iNetTrader program is designed to help in this matter. The program will provide the latest information, the latest and most important news from trading on the Russian Stock Exchange. Undoubtedly, this application is a great help for business people and businessmen who are constantly busy and are not in the same place. You can now track price increases and news wherever a trader with iPhone in his pocket is.

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  • Convenient graphical presentation of information
  • View quotes by category
  • Information from Silver Surfer's unique decision making system
  • Informing about the current state of trading on the Russian stock exchange
  • The ability to view the trading history by simply turning the screen

The program is free.

Install from AppStore: iNetTrader

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