InPlayer – music from VK via YouTube [Free]

InPlayer - music from VK via YouTube [Free] Even though Apple Music has aggressively thinned the music player category into App Store, the developers are still trying to take a bite of the pie, adding unique features to their products. For example, in VPlayer from Nordic Nations, you can listen to music from your VK playlist, and at the same time watch a video clip from YouTube (if available). We will talk about this and other features of the application today. InPlayer - music from VK via YouTube [Free]InPlayer - music from VK via YouTube [Free] VPlayer is, at first glance, another online Vkontakte music player without any special claims to a place in the TOP App Store, but not everything is so transparent. The player not only connects to your account on this social network, searches and plays the contents of your music section, as well as your friends and connected communities, but also downloads videos of the same name from YouTube. The application is not without flaws and even significant ones, pay attention to the rating in App Store and comments.

  • Works only online – there is no way to download music and video to the phone's memory.
  • Does not work in the background – playback stops after the program is closed.
  • You cannot listen to music without watching a video.

InPlayer - music from VK via YouTube [Free]InPlayer - music from VK via YouTube [Free] In fact, VPlayer downloads information from Vkontakte, compares it with YouTube and, if there are matches, plays the video in its interface – cleverly! And everything is according to the law. Let's close our eyes to the flaws that are fatal for the player and take a look at the interface and operation of the application. The shell in VPlayer is two-color (Vkontakte and YouTube theme), it looks rustic, with small captions of menu items, but at the same time, everything is clear without reading. The player is classic, there is nothing special about it except for redirecting (optional) to the web version of YouTube. You can pause playback, switch back and forth, change the volume, play in a circle and in random order, and also block orientation changes. InPlayer - music from VK via YouTube [Free] The Player has search (non-interactive), playlist lists and recommendations based on personal preference, and Favorites. It is distributed in the Player for free (how else ?!), but contains built-in advertising that periodically completely closes the iPhone screen (to turn it off, you need to perform an action, for example, close it). Usability suffers greatly from this, for which users scold the player.

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