Installing dictionaries on iphone 2.0

So new firmware – new programs. Now the weDict application for working with dictionaries can be installed from the app Store. At the moment, the program is absolutely free. Those who have worked with versions under 1.1.4 may notice that the version for firmware 2.0 is a significantly reduced version of what it was before. But the main thing is to make it work. The trailer with the program installs two dictionaries: English-Chinese and Angian – some other (already deleted and I don't remember :)) As before, download the dictionaries from here and install them through any file manager for the phone. Only now the .dict and .idx files must be placed in the private / var / mobile / Applications / F4CDE6BD-10FC-4A4E-B557-085FF6D7854F / folder. A folder with a long digital name will be different for each unique phone. Look where the directory is and upload it there. Restart your phone. Open the weDicts application, go to settings and activate the dictionaries that appear there. Installing dictionaries on iphone 2.0

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