Instant – watch yourself … [Free]

Instant - watch yourself ... [Free] Surely each of you was wondering how many times a day you unlock your smartphone, or how long you use this or that application. What if there are people among you who would like to record almost their entire life? The Instant application will help you. You can download the application in the AppStore, it is available both on iPhone and iPad, and is free. Also, I would like to mark the application for Apple Watch. Instant - watch yourself ... [Free] First, let's figure out what this program can do and whether you need it. Instant has good functionality, the application is able to: – Automatically track the operating time of the smartphone and how many times it was unlocked. – Track application usage time. – Fix the time and distance of your walk on foot or by transport. – Record places and time spent in these places per day. – Sleep tracking. At launch, we will be greeted by three tabs: Home, Track and Graphs. The first, home tab displays the use of the smartphone, as well as a map with marks of places visited. Instant - watch yourself ... [Free] The Track tab will tell you more about the statistics of device usage. Instant - watch yourself ... [Free] Well, in the Graphs tab you will find a graph that will clearly show the dynamics. Instant - watch yourself ... [Free] The application shows that the developer has a more comprehensive approach to the application that monitors your activity. Here you can find out not just the trivial travel time, but rather more interesting things that, unlike the same data on the distance traveled, will be useful to every person.

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