Instapaper app update

Instapaper app update Instapaper is a unique free service that allows users to save interesting web pages for later. For example, if while reading news or viewing articles you do not have enough time to read the material to the end, then you can simply copy the URL of the web page you are viewing into Instapaper and return to reading later when you have a free minute. Moreover, you can view the saved pages from any device with Internet access, whether it is a home computer iPhone or a netbook. A separate Instapaper smartphone app iPhone allows you to read articles in a more convenient format. A few days ago, a new version of Instapaper for iPhone appeared, which has the following functions: – the ability to distribute interesting materials to social services (Twitter, Facebook, etc. .); – the ability to use a dark background, depending on the time of day in your region; – the ability to open links both in the browser built into the application and in Safari; – changed the speed of the application, Instapaper loads several times faster; – minor bugs were eliminated. You can download Instapaper in the AppStore. The app costs $ 4.99.

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