Inthelens – templates and filters for photos [Free]

Inthelens - templates and filters for photos [Free] Hello! I think everyone sometimes wants to make fun of their friends or just please the child. Today I will tell you about an application that can help you with this. So, meet: Inthelens – a set of templates and filters for photos. First, download and install from the AppStore. By the way, there are two versions of the application: paid and free, but they differ only in the number of frames available for photos, therefore, I will demonstrate the capabilities of the program on the free version. Inthelens - templates and filters for photos [Free]Inthelens - templates and filters for photos [Free] First of all, we see 3 screens with a description of the application's capabilities. Scrolling through, let's go to the application itself. On the main screen, we will find the settings menu, filters, the ability to zoom, turn the flash on and off, change the camera, gallery and, in fact, the templates themselves. Let's dwell on each point in more detail. In the settings, you can turn on the grid and flashlight, write to support, learn more about the application, see other developer applications and share this application on social media. networks. Inthelens - templates and filters for photos [Free]Inthelens - templates and filters for photos [Free] In the filter menu, you can choose one of the standard effects for photographs, it is noteworthy that they are adjusted in real time, and not after the shot. Well, and the last thing I'll tell you about in more detail are templates, because I think that everything is clear with the gallery, changing the camera, turning the flash on and off and zoom. So, there are only 6 comic book templates available in the free version. But to test the program, this is quite enough, and if you want to get all the templates (and there are more than a hundred of them in the application), then it will cost 75 rubles. Inthelens - templates and filters for photos [Free]Inthelens - templates and filters for photos [Free] In general, the theme with templates is very interesting, they, like filters, can be applied either before the picture or already on top of the finished one. I think that the application is worth its money, laughing with the children and playing prank on friends is the thing. Of the minuses, I note the lack of optimization for iPad, although now quite a lot of people take pictures on it. Application developer – WOXAPP company. You can read more about the developer on the website.

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