IP Camera Viewer: Versatile 'Video Spy'

IP Camera Viewer: Versatile 'Video Spy' IP Camera Viewer is one of the few 'spyware' that allows owners iPhone to remotely connect, view and control various surveillance cameras. The advantage of this app is also the user-friendly interface. The application provides access to video recorders using IP / DVR / NVR technologies, dome cameras (PTZ), shared webcams, allowing them to be controlled from a distance for monitoring with the ability to change the angle of view, rotation, panning and zoom functions. IP Camera Viewer: Versatile 'Video Spy' Capabilities of IP Camera Viewer will be, first of all, useful to those users who spend a lot of time on business trips or like to travel. By remotely connecting the application to a surveillance camera near the home or office, the user will be able to conduct surveillance through the smartphone display Apple around the clock. The program can also be used as a radio and video baby monitor to monitor your baby. Audio and video broadcasts pass without delays, interference or interruptions, in real time. This is a huge plus, since not all applications of this kind are capable of transmitting images and sound in such good quality as IP Camera Viewer does. The developers promise that subsequent versions of the program will expand the base of cameras available for connection, the ability to broadcast from cameras that support not only MJPEG format, but also h.264 will be added, and the option of transmitting sound from surveillance cameras to the user's phone will be improved. For a list of all currently supported formats, cameras and video recorder manufacturers, visit the IP Camera Viewer page on the iTunes website. IP Camera Viewer: Versatile 'Video Spy' Developer: NibblesnBits Current version: 1.3.3 Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires at least iOS 3.2. Download ipa file: IP Camera Viewer

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