IPeng: control SqueezeBox players with iPhone

iPeng: control SqueezeBox players with iPhone

At one time, the company Apple successfully promoted the iPod player and created an online music store. The product of the company Logitech that came up with the online player Squeezebox could be no less revolutionary. This device connects to a network and can serve as an internet radio or player for playing music libraries on computers in the local network. The lineup of these players is quite diverse. The devices have many modes for listening at a high level of music in various formats, including MP3.

The highlight of the Squeezebox models is the integration of devices with specially designed software called the Squeezebox Server, which provides high-quality audio streaming to any compatible consumer media player, including iPhone. The iPeng application was created to remotely control SqueezeBox devices through the Squeezebox Server.

iPeng: control SqueezeBox players with iPhone

This small program offers many options and options for remote control of the SqueezeBox, including:

– intuitive user interface;

– built-in manual for beginners to learn how to work with the application;

– search the audio library on your smartphone in the categories Albums, Artists and Genres;

– access to internet radio stations and online music services such as Rhapsody and Napster;

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– the ability to simultaneously control several SqueezeBox players, which allows you to turn on / off (with one click you can turn on all players), move tracks from one player to another and adjust the volume on each of the devices connected to the application;

– access to all the features of the SqueezeBox server: alarm clock, playing tracks in 'repeat' and 'random' modes, additional information about the track or radio station being played, creating and managing playlists, etc .;

– integration with social networks Facebook and Twitter;

– Support for many other applications and plugins developed for SqueezeBox, and access to all the online services of the developer MySqueezbox.com.

iPeng: control SqueezeBox players with iPhone

Verdict: if you use SqueezeBox and iPhone, then you can't do without iPeng, a high-quality and multifunctional application.

Developer: PenguinLovesMusic.com

Current version: 1.4.3

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires at least iOS 3.1.

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