IPhone as a sports betting assistant

iPhone as a sports betting assistant “Wherever I work, just not to work” I remembered a saying the day when I first beat the bookmaker by guessing the result of a football match. Suddenly it turned out that watching football is not only exciting, but in certain situations it is also profitable. In this article I will tell you about a couple of interesting apps for iPhone that help you make successful bets. So, in order to make a successful bet, you must try to analyze the successes and failures of potential opponents of the upcoming fight as correctly as possible. It turns out there is such an application called BetWizard that helps with this. IPhone as a sports betting assistant Price RUB 66

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By the way, it usually costs 169 rubles, but now it is offered at a significant discount. However, if you have purchased our Shared Account, then the application can be downloaded from there. The app is pretty simple. It is necessary to enter into it the goals scored and conceded by the teams for the last matches. The maximum number of matches allowed is 9, the minimum is 2. IPhone as a sports betting assistant I do not know what mathematical calculation algorithm the developer has created, but the application calculates the possible outcomes of a football match quite accurately. Don't believe me, I'm showing you with a specific example. Take a match that took place quite recently and which for many at stake is a 'dark forest'. November 2 played Luch-Energia – Sakhalin. The most convenient way to get statistics from previous games is from the FlashScore app. IPhone as a sports betting assistant Price: Free.

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By the way, it recently received a powerful update and became even more convenient. So, let's look at the results of matches of these teams for the last 5 games. IPhone as a sports betting assistant And we enter these statistics (see the first screenshot) BetWizard application gave us a forecast (this forecast is also available in the free version) that with a probability of 54% the hosts will win, 30% will be a draw and a pitiful 16% for the victory of FC Sakhalin. I have a suspicion that this is how the bookmaker calculated its odds, I predict a confident victory for Luch. But, smart BetWizard has one more calculation table (it is already available only in the paid version). This is an accurate counting. And here the forecast picture changes. IPhone as a sports betting assistant The most probable score of the match is 1-1 (20%). Another 30% is given for the victory of the hosts, with a difference of no more than 1 goal. And even 7% for the victory of the guests 0-1. In total, with a probability of 57%, you can bet on the Odds 'Victory of guests with a handicap +1'. Bookmaker analysts gave Keff = 2.08 for this event. Not bad! We place a bet, wait for the outcome of the match IPhone as a sports betting assistant And without 'waving a shovel', 'as our U-chef said:' without noise and dust ', we take our winnings. 🙂 IPhone as a sports betting assistant Of course, the ball is round, the field is not even, the referee may not give a couple of penalties, or maybe four at once, the players can hit the bars and sparrows … it's all sport … a game in one word. But you must agree, it is more interesting and reckless to watch a match trying to prove the penetration of your calculation and get a reward for it. The article went only beyond the overview of applications for iPhone, so if you have any questions on the principle of rates, please contact us in PM. Good luck, and maybe some powerful purchases ;-). IPhone as a sports betting assistant

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