Iphone firmware – instructions

How to change the iphone firmware to version 1.1.4

What tools will be needed:

1. Working iTunes recognizing your iPhone.

2. Firmware file 1.1.4. You can take from here

3. Program Z iPhone. Website http://www.ziphone.org/

The 2.6b version used in this case can be downloaded here.

If the program does not start, you will need to install the Microsoft .NET Framework package

Let's get started.

Save on your computer everything that was acquired by back-breaking labor: contacts, correspondence, SMS, ringtones. Because after flashing you will get a completely clean phone.

It doesn't matter what version you have at the moment, 1.1.4 is put on any.

Рекомендуется заменить вашу рабочую сим-карту на at&t –шную.

If anyone does not know how the SIM card changes in iPhone – look at the pictures.

Iphone firmware - instructions

replacement sim card for iphone

Do it once

We connect iPhone to the computer. Run Z iPhone GUI.exe in the Z iPhone program. Click on the inscription “Click to show advanced features”.

Z iPhone work with the program

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Then go to the “DFU” button. The phone goes into recovery mode.

iphone firmware using Z iPhone

We see such a picture on the display.

screen iphone

Do two

Now we launch iTunes, select “Check” in the pop-up window.

firmware using iTunes

Next, click on the “Restore” button while holding down the Shift key.

iphone repair

In the window that appears, select the file of the firmware you downloaded and click “Open”.

iPhone recovery

The restoration process will begin immediately iPhone.

photo iPhone

For 5-10 minutes you will see an apple and a sunflower on your phone screen.

photo iPhone

photo restored iPhone

After flashing iPhone it will come to life and a happy end message will appear in iTunes.

After flashing iPhone will come to life and in iTunes

Do three

Now it's time for Z iPhone. Click “Do it all ” and watch the terminal lines run on the iPhone screen.

Do It All

terminal iphone

hacking iphone with ziphone

new firmware uploaded to the phone

At the end of the process, turn off the phone, change the SIM card, turn it on. Everything is fine, everything works.

Now let's move on to installing programs and patches for the iphone.

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