IQ Option – play binary options on iPhone

IQ Option - play binary options on iPhone The Internet is teeming with tempting applications for making real money literally without getting out of bed. Most of the visitors have already learned how to filter outright scams, but the topic of earning money without leaving home remains relevant for many. Of course, a few simple clicks on the keyboard at the right time in the right program allow financiers and traders to turn over billions, but this is not given to everyone. If you are interested in making real money trading financial markets, all you need to get started is iPhone with IQ Option installed. IQ Option - play binary options on iPhone The IQ Option app by Alta Vista Trading Limited is designed to trade binary options. Binary option (digital option, all-or-nothing option, or option with a fixed profit) is an option that, depending on the fulfillment of an agreed condition at a specified time, either provides a fixed amount of income (premium), or brings nothing. (Wikipedia) As you can see, trading binary options is in many ways similar to playing roulette, all that is required from a trader is to choose the direction of movement of a currency pair or metals (gold, silver), after a specified time, the result of trading (profit or loss) is determined by whether the pair went in a given direction or not. IQ Option - play binary options on iPhone IQ Option is a tool that allows you to trade binary options on both real and demo accounts. The application is very simple, with an attractive design and a minimum amount of extraneous information. For the application to work, your iPhone must be connected to the Internet and it is highly desirable that this connection be high-speed so that the market situation is displayed in real time and there are no delays in requests to purchase options. IQ Option - play binary options on iPhone Рабочее окно приложения практически полностью занято графиком движения той или иной пары, это могут быть товары (серебро или золото), индексы (S&P, NIKKEI, NASDAQ) акции различных компаний и валютные пары. The time scale on the chart can be set in time intervals of 15, 30 or 60 seconds. The graph itself can be represented by a curved line or vertical boxes. The trader's panel displays information about the state of the account, the amount of investments per option, profit and the buttons “Higher”, “Lower”, which are responsible for buying an option in the desired direction. IQ Option - play binary options on iPhone In order to trade and, as a result, to earn or lose real money, you do not need to be a financier or a trader, there is no need to “wool” the news feed of the international financial system in search of signals to change the direction of movement of a particular pair. All you need to do is open a real account in the IQ Option app, for this you need to fill in a small one (email address, password, currency and deposit amount), replenish the account with a minimum amount and surrender to chance. IQ Option - play binary options on iPhone You can replenish your IQ Option account in several ways: with a Visa or Mastercard, Qiwi or Webmoney wallets, in Neteller, Scrill or Yandex.Money payment systems. Depending on the amount of replenishment, you will be credited with a starting bonus in the amount of 60 to 90% with $ 500 – $ 2000 investments, respectively. After registration, which may also take place on the basis of your personal data on social networks Google + or Facebook, in the user control panel, you must fill out a personal profile (without real surname and first name, you cannot display earned money), view the history of transactions, contact support, replenish or withdraw funds. IQ Option - play binary options on iPhone In conclusion, I would like to note that if you need an environment for playing binary options, an application for iPhone or iPad IQ Option is perfect for this. Why play? Yes, because you only determine the direction of movement of the pair for a certain period of time, after which the option will be automatically closed and depending on what the price has become, you will receive either a profit or a loss. I hasten to warn you, trading on a real account has nothing to do with a demo. in practice, 99% of demo accounts are profitable, but with real ones the situation is not so rosy. Personal advice from a person who actively invests in financial markets: do not get fooled by tempting offers, soberly assess your capabilities, always look for pitfalls and questionable points in the operation of a particular instrument. The most important advice: invest only those funds that you can afford to lose, such a possibility is always present.

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