IStrelka – will save you from a fine

iStrelka - will save you from a fine How long have you received a 'letter of happiness'? 🙂 Experienced motorists and 'reckless drivers' immediately understood what they were talking about, didn't they. Unfortunately, there are often situations when even the most experienced and accurate driver “gets 500 rubles (minimum)”, and all because he did not notice the speed limit sign in time and got under the camera. So what can you do to avoid such situations? Do you really have to buy an expensive radar detector? – Relax, there is a much simpler and less expensive way out – an application for iPhone 'iStrelka', which will cost you only 169 rubles, and will save you much more. iStrelka - will save you from a fine The application will warn you about many 'surprises' that lie in wait for you on the road: irregularities, turns, traffic police posts, cameras, accidents, and so on. Of course, the application requires the use of GPS, but an Internet connection is not required. For the application to work, you just need to download the database and allow the use of geolocation. I am glad that the program does not have in-app purchases, and there are also no restrictions on use (for example, buying a license for a certain time). It is enough just to update the database from time to time. iStrelka - will save you from a fine To start 'tracking' the application must be enabled. This is not difficult to do – all you need to do is press the 'Start' button and start driving. All changes in your speed are monitored by the application itself. iStrelka - will save you from a fine And, only when you drive in excess, iStrelka will warn you. The 'arrow' can warn in several ways: vibration, beeper (tone sound) with a variable frequency, warning melody, there are also voice warnings and warnings via 'reminders'. iStrelka - will save you from a fine The application always warns at the right time and issues only three warnings: the first for 2000-1000m, the second for 1000-300m, and the third for 300-50m. iStrelka - will save you from a fine iStrelka - will save you from a fine Another significant plus is that the application can run in the background. That is, you can listen to music, use the navigator, while the application will keep track of the road. However, during the operation of the application, the battery consumption increases, therefore, it will not be superfluous to connect the phone to power. Once you get there, do not forget to click on 'Stop', otherwise the phone will think that you are in a 'dead traffic'. No matter how good and convenient the application is, it does not in any way cancel the traffic rules, and does not relieve you of the obligation to comply with them!

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