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iStudiez - a convenient student planner IStudiez - a convenient student planner At first glance, this is a completely ordinary task planner with additional functions tailored for students and schoolchildren, but if you look more closely, it is these additional functions that play a decisive role when choosing an organizer for study. Having downloaded IStudiez three years ago, I was somewhat puzzled by the inconvenience of filling and, at first glance, by the cumbersome interface, and having removed it, for a while I forgot about its existence. But later, namely two semesters ago, I met with this, I'm not afraid of this word, Miracle again. iStudiez - a convenient student planner IStudiez - a convenient student planner Among them there is a simple lesson planner (pairs) with beautiful icons and even a choice of colors for each subject, for example, you know in advance that in some subject you need to be especially diligent, so mark it in red, and already on a subconscious level you will constantly see that this subject is especially important. IStudiez - a convenient student planner Also in IStudiez you can record your homework for every day and, by enabling the function, it will pop up on your screen as a notification at a specified time. It is especially worth noting that each subject can be associated with a teacher's profile, with his surname, initials, as well as a phone number, email address and even a photograph. IStudiez - a convenient student planner The program has recently received important updates. Due to the massive obsession with cloud services, IStudiez now has a server to save your data. This means that when you buy any new device (or update the firmware in the old one), you can download the data you previously saved, as your schedule will be available simultaneously and from all your existing devices that support this application. And this cannot but rejoice, since the data entry, although in a convenient form, took me about an hour (9 subjects per semester). Let's move on to the technical features of the program. The program is available for IPhone with IOS at least 4.1 and their big brothers (IMac and MacBook). Regarding the new IOS 6, the developers do not give a direct answer, in fact the application is working, but 'crashes' are possible. The team working on the program promises that these small inconveniences will be corrected soon. At the end of the review, I will say that this application will be of the 'MUST HAVE' category for all students and schoolchildren who care about not forgetting the teacher's name or important homework, because we all have far from ideal memory.

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