IThoughts is a smart idea visualization app

iThoughts is a smart idea visualization app

With iThoughts, your mind games can now be captured on your smartphone screen iPhone. The capabilities of the application are very difficult to overestimate, because for any person who, due to duty or vocation in life, has to participate in brainstorming or briefings, this program can serve as an excellent assistant for memorizing ideas and thoughts that tend to disappear as quickly as they appear .

iThoughts is a smart idea visualization app

How does the iThoughts app work? First of all, with the help of its visualization tools, you can create so-called 'mind maps' (in the English analogue of mindmaps) of any complexity and according to the hierarchy you need. With a structured map of your ideas at hand, you can easily make plans for work projects, be creative as a journalist or writer, and most importantly, do not miss out on any important ideas that will help you get a career promotion or give you a second wind in stalled brainstorming session.

iThoughts is a smart idea visualization app

The program offers a wide range of tools for creating 'mind maps'. Each step of creating a new map with a visual representation of your ideas can be undone or redone with the Undo / Redo function. The resulting maps can be saved in PDF or PNG formats for later opening with other image viewers or exported to friends / colleagues by e-mail.

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As you know, the iThoughts application is not the only one of its kind, so instead of creating a new table, you can load an already created map from new versions of programs like Novamind, XMind 3, iMindmap, etc. The app also allows you to sync your account with numerous online file services (such as Dropbox, iTunes or WebDAV).

iThoughts is a smart idea visualization app

Verdict: iThoughts is an indispensable assistant that offers the user a huge number of options for creating the most complex mind maps, a great visual tool with HD support for capturing the results of the 'idea generator'.

Developer: CMS

Current version: 5.1

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires at least iOS 4.1.

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