ITools – Universal iTunes Substitute

iTools - Universal iTunes Substitute

Every owner iPhone is faced with iTunes. The attitude towards this application, let's say, is ambiguous. After all, there are plenty of bugs in both the desktop application and the mobile version of the service. But do not despair, especially since there are programs that can replace the functionality of iTunes. At the moment, the most functional is probably iTools. It is also a great file manager for iPhone.

It should be noted right away that iTools differs from iTunes not only externally, but also in its functionality. With the help of a third-party solution, owners of smartphones and tablets on the platform iOS will be able to:

  • View information about your device.
  • Manage applications that are installed on iPhone and iPad (install, update, uninstall, make a backup).
  • Manage music stored on the device (import and export tracks, delete songs, create playlists).
  • Interact with photos and videos and books.
  • Create new ringtones.
  • Take screenshots and record video from the screen iPhone.

And this is just a list of the main functionality of iTools.

How to install iTools

It should be noted right away that today there are many different sites on the Internet where you can download iTools. Some of them distribute the version of this application already translated into Russian.

We recommend downloading iTools from the official website to avoid catching a virus.

There you can find Windows and the Mac version of the utility in English.

iTools - Universal iTunes Substitute

The installation process itself should not cause any difficulties. Users just need to launch the downloaded file and press the 'Instal Now' button.

iTools does not work without iTunes installed on your computer. actively uses its software libraries.

Main sections of iTools

Device info

The section called Device can be considered the main one. It is he who 'meets' the users when they start the application. In it, the owners of iPhone and iPad can find information about their device (model, firmware version, availability of jailbreak, etc.), as well as get quick access to a number of functions. If you click Details, you can see the week of manufacture of the device. It is very useful to know for jailbreak iPhone. And the UDID iPhone, which is needed for application developers.

iTools also offers Wi-Fi syncing. If in iTunes you sync via wi-fi, then here too you just need to click on the switch.

iTools - Universal iTunes Substitute

The following functions are available from the main page:

  • built-in utility for creating new ringtones;
  • file manager;
  • utility for transferring data from one device to another;
  • screenshot key;
  • reboot or shutdown key.

App section – installing applications in iTools

The second conditional section is App. It is entirely devoted to applications and working with them. In this section, users can view the library of applications stored in iTunes, transfer programs and games from local storage to iPhone, delete programs from the smartphone's memory, update existing applications, etc.

In general, in terms of its functionality, the section is in many ways similar to the one in iTunes. But at the same time, it is made more clearly, and access to the main functions requires fewer clicks from users.

iTools - Universal iTunes Substitute

In addition, it is worth noting that in the App section, device owners who have not updated their Apple smartphones and tablets to iOS 8.3 and higher can make backups of individual applications.

iTools will come in handy for jailbreak lovers – the utility allows you to quickly and easily install the program on the iphone via an .ipa file. To do this, simply download the required file from the Internet and drag and drop it into iTools.

Music section – upload music to iTools

Unlike Apple's branded application, iTools allows you to quickly transfer new music tracks to the memory of your mobile device. To do this, users just need to drag the necessary music files into the application library and press the 'Import to Device' button. After that, they will appear in the smartphone's memory.

iTools - Universal iTunes Substitute

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Also in the Music section you can find a tool for creating ringtones. With its help, the owners of Apple smartphones can easily and quickly create a ready-made melody in m4r format and send it to the device.

iTools - Universal iTunes Substitute

In addition, iTools allows you to interact with music stored in memory iPhone and iPad. Users can not only move tracks between already created playlists and delete music from the device's memory, but also create new playlists and copy music from a smartphone or tablet to a local computer.

Photos section – upload photos to iTools

The third conditional section of iTools is Photos. In it, users will be able to view photos and pictures that are stored in the memory of mobile devices, transfer photos from the iphone to a computer, delete unnecessary images, and also upload new pictures to iPhone and iPad.

iTools - Universal iTunes Substitute

In addition, with the help of iTools, users can access cloud storage of photos in iCloud.

Video section – upload video to iPhone in iTools

The Video section allows you to simply download videos to iPhone. As with music, apps, and pictures, simply drag and drop the file into the main application window.

iTools - Universal iTunes Substitute

iTools independently converts video files into the desired format (when copying a video for the first time, the utility will offer to download and install the convector plugin).

Books section – download books

The Books section was created specifically for quickly importing books in .epub and .pdf formats into a branded apple reader called iBooks. The process of transferring new files is very simple – you just need to drag e-books to the main iTools window and in a few seconds they will be available for reading at iPhone or iPad.

iTools - Universal iTunes Substitute

It should be noted that in addition to importing new books into the device memory, users can also export literature from iBooks to a computer.

Information Section

The penultimate major section of iTools is called Information. In it, smartphone owners can find and edit contacts stored in the address book, transfer contacts from iPhone to a computer. View notes taken in the stock app, Safari bookmarks, calendar events, and messages from iMessage.

iTools - Universal iTunes Substitute

In addition, users can create new contacts, bookmarks and notes, as well as the function of importing events into the calendar.

Toolbox Section

The section called Toolbox contains a wide variety of tools.

iTools - Universal iTunes Substitute

Among them are:

  • Utility for creating ringtones.
  • Utility for transferring data between two mobile devices.
  • Utility for quick data backup (does not work on the latest versions iOS).
  • Utility for fast data recovery (does not work on the latest versions iOS).
  • A file manager that gives access to the file system iPhone (works without jailbreak, but with a number of restrictions).
  • Utility for restoring backups made in iTunes.
  • ICloud Image Manager. You can also view other information in your iCloud backup.
  • A utility for viewing information about the device's battery (remaining capacity, number of charge / discharge cycles, etc.).
  • A utility for creating screenshots and recording screencasts from the screen iPhone and iPad. Read more about this in the article How to record video from the screen iPhone.
  • A utility that allows you to arrange icons on the home screens of a mobile device.
  • A utility that turns a smartphone or tablet into an external storage device (files can be transferred directly to iPhone, and then deleted via iTools).
  • Utilities for viewing logs.
  • Utility for downloading firmware files.


All in all, iTools can be a very, very useful application and serves as a good iTunes replacement. To be honest, the first and last impression that iTools makes is an improved version of iTunes. It's as if the iTools developers have taken and listened to the complaints and requests of all users.

One of the main advantages of the application from Chinese developers is the ease of importing new music, images and videos from a computer to the memory of a mobile device.

In addition, iTools has a wide variety of additional utilities. With their help, owners of iPhone and iPad can quickly create ringtones, copy photos and convert files.

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