ITransmission 2: torrent for iphone

iTransmission 2: torrent for iphone

iTransmission 2: torrent for iphone

This is a simple and handy torrent download program on iPhone. After installing the application, you just need to click on the desired torrent file in Safari and in the window that appears and select the “open with” iTransmission 2 option.

The selected file is saved on the device and can be opened using the appropriate programs. This applies to videos, music, documents. Downloaded .ipa files from iTransmission 2 cannot be opened directly, but there is an option …

For those who are not lazy 🙂 I can suggest this method. After downloading the program file, use iFile to take it from the iTransmission folder and transfer it to the Installous directory.

Then launch Installous and install the application.

ITransmission 2 directory: / var / mobile / Documents / iTransmission /

(or / var / mobile / Applications / xxxxxxxxxxxxxx / Documents / download / – when installing the program via .ipa)

Installous directory: / var / mobile / Documents / installous / Downloads /

Of course, I would very much like to immediately configure the folder for saving files, but there are no such settings in the program.

iTransmission 2: torrent for iphone

iTransmission 2: torrent for iphone

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iTransmission 2 is free and installs via Cydia. To install, you need your iPhone to go through the jailbreak procedure.

However, iTransmission 2 is available not only in Cydia. You can also download the .ipa file of this application and install via Installous.

By the way, whoever has firmware 5.x.x has problems with saving files. The program gives an error that there is no write access. Indeed, if you manually create the / var / mobile / Documents / iTransmission / folder through the file manager for iPhone, then everything should work.

When installing via the .ipa file, these problems do not arise.

Download file ipa: iTransmission 2

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