IWhereBus – where is the bus? [Free]

iWhereBus - where is the bus?  [Free] Where is the bus? – perhaps Disney will release such a game, similar to Where's Summer ?. In the meantime, let's move on to the harsh reality. Where is this …. bus? how often, standing at a bus stop, we ask ourselves this question. Agree, it would not be bad if there was such an application that would suggest what kind of ground transport you can use to get to the right place. App Store seems to have foreseen our desires and is ready to present to your attention a program for iPhone 'iWhereBus'. iWhereBus - where is the bus?  [Free] iWhereBus is a handy offline navigator that can get directions using the standard maps application for iPhone. The application will also tell you what kind of transport passes by a certain metro station. In addition, I think that it is no secret for you that, given the modern congestion, public transport is expensive rarely runs clearly on schedule, iWhereBus will show on the map where your bus is located and calculate how long to wait for it (for this, the Internet is still needed). iWhereBus - where is the bus?  [Free] iWhereBus is not only a convenient offline navigator, but also a convenient transport guide. The 'routes' tab contains information on all routes of buses, trolleybuses and trams in Moscow and the Moscow Region, starting with route no. 0 and ending with tram 'A'. iWhereBus - where is the bus?  [Free] iWhereBus - where is the bus?  [Free] It often happens that at an unfamiliar stop there is no information about which buses are going and where. So, now all you have to do is go to the 'stops' tab and select the stop you are at. And you will not only see what types of transport pass this stop, but you can also see on the map how it will be easier to get there. iWhereBus - where is the bus?  [Free] Well, of course, what happens is that you don't even know exactly where you are. 'What's next?' will help you get out of this difficult situation. iWhereBus - where is the bus?  [Free] It will also be useful to look at the 'information' tab, from where you will find out how much the journey costs, what to do if you forgot something in the transport, and other useful information. iWhereBus - where is the bus?  [Free]

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