JELLIES! – hunting season for jellyfish

JELLIES!    - hunting season for jellyfish JELLIES! – a gorgeous time killer from Alexey Kalinin: juicy, dynamic, gambling. It will certainly appeal to both fans of the arcade genre and connoisseurs of high-quality gaming content. The plot develops around the unlucky fisherman Bob, who, due to his negligence, lost his fingers, they were bitten off by the very jellyfish, which we will hunt throughout the game. JELLIES!    - hunting season for jellyfish JELLIES gameplay! captures right from the start, the rules are as simple as possible: you need to destroy as many jellyfish as possible by connecting them in a chain of the same color. If it is possible to close the chain, it will be possible to destroy not only those jellyfish of which it consists, but also those that have fallen into a closed space, and this is additional points. There is only one opponent in the game – time. The opponent is insidious and uncompromising, and as soon as the allotted time comes to an end, the results will be calculated and the transition to a new level. With each new level, the difficulty increases and this forces you to keep yourself in good shape. JELLIES!    - hunting season for jellyfish You can afford to play in endless mode, but you will have to pay for it, albeit a little, only 33 rubles. You can unlock the endless mode for free, for this you need to invite friends from Facebook to the game. The developer has announced another game mode “Battle”, nothing is known about it yet, but the creator promises that it will be great. The musical accompaniment emphasizes the dynamism of the gameplay, the music even more stimulates and makes you make decisions faster and work with your fingers, all movements are voiced. The developer could not resist the temptation to earn extra money; the game contains in-app purchases (in-game purchases). For real money, you can purchase additional means of mass destruction of jellyfish in the form of an electric shock, which completely paralyzes the jellyfish, bombs and berserker that are in range. The last tool is the most expensive and most effective, when using it, the destruction of jellyfish is carried out with simple swipes, just like in Fruit Ninja. JELLIES!    - hunting season for jellyfish Not that it was impossible to do without real infusions, as you progress you will be allocated a certain number of bombs, electroshock and berserkers, but if your goal is to achieve the maximum possible result, you will need to fork out. Then sharing your highscores with your friends in Game Center will be especially enjoyable. More modest gamers will be satisfied with what the game can offer for free, or rather for the standard 33 rubles per purchase. JELLIES! – a colorful, dynamic and intriguing arcade game that evokes extremely positive emotions, does not bother at all, allows you to rest your head and develop your finger joints. We definitely recommend the time killer not only to fans of the genre, but also to connoisseurs of high-quality gaming content, the game costs its $ 0.99.

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