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Jetpack Joyride - hit game App Store All you need to play is one finger and a little attention. You control a man with a “jetpack” hanging on his back. You need to collect coins and dodge electric and laser beams, as well as dastardly, homing missiles. On the way you will meet vehicles: a bike, a dragon, robots, a teleport and a thing that looks like the legendary Sonic. Jetpack Joyride - hit game App Store The game world, if you can call it that, is an infinitely long corridor, to the end of which rarely anyone will reach. The game is divided into levels that change every few hundred meters. The trick is that with each level, the flight speed increases, which, ultimately, greatly complicates the game. Throughout the game, missions and tasks are opened for you, which increase your rating and status. It doesn't matter to the game, but if your friends also play Jetpack, you can share your achievements via Game Center, Twitter or Facebook. The essence of the tasks is to walk a certain number of meters or collect coins. The currency is the coins that you collect as you play. You can spend them on clothes and other items in the store. The prices are high there, and if you are not going to play for several hours to collect the required amount, coins can be bought. Although, to be honest, I do not see any benefit in this. Unless you are an avid adherent of beauty who wants to make your boyfriend very fashionable;). Jetpack Joyride - hit game App Store The game captivates with its simplicity. And what can I say, the title of the most popular game in the AppStore speaks for itself. Install from AppStore

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