Joust Legend – Knight Tournament [Free]

Joust Legend - Knight Tournament [Free] The times when gallant knights fought for the heart of a beautiful lady, unfortunately (and maybe fortunately) are far behind. However, do not rush to get upset that you will not be able to watch or participate in a knightly tournament, because you have iPhone in your pocket and all you have to do is download the 'Joust Legend' app and you can safely prepare for battle. In fact, Joust Legend is, so to speak, a knight's simulator. And, by the way, the game has a prehistory that says that the action takes place in 1472 during the confrontation between England and France. And, accordingly, a number of tournaments are planned in which you, dear players, will have to take part. Joust Legend - Knight Tournament [Free] Before you 'go into battle' you need to properly prepare and equip the knight. All suitable equipment can be found in the in-game store. Various armor, spears and shields and so on are at your service here. After you have fully equipped the knight, you can go to the battlefield. Joust Legend - Knight Tournament [Free] As for the management process, it is worth noting that the developers here did not become wise. All you need to do is to 'poke' the screen in time and hold down the 'buttons' when necessary. Joust Legend - Knight Tournament [Free] Each battle differs from the previous one by the level of difficulty. Whether your knight wins or not depends, first of all, on how much he is 'pumped'. So the game can be said, leaves you no choice and forces you to look into the store. Pay in the store with special coins and bonuses that can be obtained if you win a battle. Joust Legend - Knight Tournament [Free] Built-in dialogues on the playing field perfectly support the storyline and bring a good variety to the gameplay. Joust Legend - Knight Tournament [Free] The sweetest left for dessert. So let's talk about graphics and design. I must admit that everything has been done at the highest level. The colors are bright, rich and well combined with each other. All elements are perfectly detailed. The graphics are smooth and 'frisky', so to speak The sound pumped up a little, but, after all, everything cannot be perfect. Joust Legend - Knight Tournament [Free] In general, the application turned out to be very good and pleasant. Fans of all kinds of strategies and simulations will like it. And those who just want to play will be very interesting.

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