Jump Out! – for bird lovers

Jump Out! - for bird lovers Today we will play for bugs. Here is a review of the game Jump Out! The game will appeal to fans of the Angry Birds series and Cut the Rope toys. With your permission, I will begin. 🙂 The game invites us to help different bugs to overcome obstacles and go free. The passage of the levels is quite exciting and will require from you not only ingenuity, but also not small efforts to pass the three-star level. As you progress through, beetles with new abilities will open up for you, but the difficulty will also increase. Jump Out! - for bird lovers After passing one world, you can try to go through another, since there are quite a few of them. Each world has its own characteristics and, of course, design, as a result of which the game does not get bored or boring. Jump Out! - for bird lovers The developers have made, at first glance, quite common for such games, the board of honor. But it is done quite interestingly. Each achievement has a little hint on how to get it. Jump Out! - for bird lovers But the developers are Jump Out! We didn't stop there – after opening the achievement and clicking on it, you can go through the bonus level! In my opinion, it was thought up and implemented very well and, what is important, interesting! Jump Out! - for bird lovers I really liked this app for iPhone. For everyone who is already tired of the Angry Birds – Jump Out! will be just right, and the price tag is 33 rubles. does not bite at all. From me, the application gets its well-deserved 10 out of 10.

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