KadastrRU – information about any land plot [Free]

KadastrRU - information about any land plot [Free] This is one of the must-have applications for iPhone, and an example of how in a government structure you can competently organize access to information. It contains data on all land plots from the State Real Estate Cadastre. Along with the open service, Wikimapia gives an idea of ​​what is around you, and acts as the most trusted guide to all objects on the earth's surface within the borders of the Russian Federation. You want to know what is in the house opposite: who is the owner, what organizations are located there. Open the application … KadastrRU is compatible with the site maps.rosreestr.ru, and allows you to simply select the desired object on the map, or search for a site by its cadastral number, if you have one, which further simplifies the task. And thanks to access to the topographic map of the Russian Federation and satellite images, you can quickly measure the distance or area. KadastrRU - information about any land plot [Free]KadastrRU - information about any land plot [Free] The user can view information such as the number of quarters and plots in the district, as well as subdivisions of the territorial administration of the federal service that are engaged in its maintenance, including information regarding the contacts of the department. There are several options for displaying a general map (Rosreestr, Kosmosnimki and OpenStreetMap), as well as a number of thematic maps:

  • – Cadastral value
  • – Cadastral value per meter
  • – Types of permitted use
  • – Land categories
  • – Range update boundaries
  • – The total number of visits.

Depending on the information you need, you can mark the desired item in the settings. KadastrRU - information about any land plot [Free]KadastrRU - information about any land plot [Free] There are a number of disadvantages in KadastrRU. One of the main ones is the inability to view maps offline, which is important with a weak Internet connection, as well as an insufficient frequency of updates, due to which the relevance of information suffers. True, it is worth noting that this is more relevant for large cities, but adding at least basic caching when working with maps would be a very useful useful option.

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