Katushkin – Ride Campaign [Free]

Katushkin - Ride Campaign [Free] Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you so want to ride in the park, say, rollerblading or a bicycle, but all your friends and acquaintances do not want or cannot keep you company? – not the most pleasant feeling. Fortunately, with the application for iPhone “Katushkin” this problem can fade into the background. “Katushkin” is a very interesting social application that will help you plan a route for a “ride” on a bicycle, roller-skates, skiing, and so on, but also help you find a suitable company. I suggest taking a closer look at this application. The very first thing to do when launching the application is to either register or log in through an account on Facebook, Vkontakte or another social network. Next, you will need to enter some specifying data, such as, for example, the city where you live or the district. This is necessary, firstly, in order to make it easier for you to look for friends by “races”, and, secondly, to select a convenient place for skiing. Katushkin - Ride Campaign [Free] You will also need to choose the type of transport, so to speak, on which you prefer to ride. It can be anything, from a bicycle to a Mountainboard (it's hard to imagine where in Moscow you can ride it). Katushkin - Ride Campaign [Free] And then the fun begins – you “enter the game”. In front of you is the main menu of the application, where there are only six positions, which contain all the functionality of the application. Katushkin - Ride Campaign [Free] In “kataltsy” your potential (and real) friends are hiding. Here the application works on the principle of a classic social network: you can search and add friends, and then communicate with them in a “chat” and agree on walks. By the way, in front of each name, an individual mileage is displayed, for each Catalan. Katushkin - Ride Campaign [Free] Coils are a kind of events that you can attend. Katushkin - Ride Campaign [Free] By clicking on the event you are interested in, you will see detailed information about it, as well as you can sign up for participation. Katushkin - Ride Campaign [Free] If you do not know where to go, take a look at the “places” tab, there you will find information about the places where you can ride near you. Katushkin - Ride Campaign [Free] Well, since the application is still social, you have your own profile, which is “tied” to one of the social networks, and with which you can communicate with other users. Katushkin - Ride Campaign [Free] Well, let's go for a ride? 🙂

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