Learning languages ​​with iPhone

Learning languages ​​with iPhone We have already seen the linguistic dictionaries that iPhone supports. In certain situations (for example, when you need to translate a small text), they are even very useful. In the process of self-study, vocabulary is of no small importance, but if you seriously set out to learn a foreign language, then one dictionary will not be enough. Therefore, today I propose to take a short excursion and get acquainted with the products aimed specifically at learning English, Spanish and French.

Learning languages ​​with iPhone English


To make learning not so boring, the application “Word Monkey” is created in a playful way, playing the role of a monkey, which the professor teaches English. Implemented multiplayer mode with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support.

$ 1.99 [iTunes link]


Conversation English provides 20 Conversational English lessons in which you can familiarize yourself with the construction of sentences. The dialogues and idioms heard and read at the same time are especially remembered. $ 2.99 [iTunes link]


The “iLearnWords” app helps you learn words. Before starting the lesson, the user can form a set that is convenient for himself, consisting of a certain number of words. Learned words are placed on a separate list. Pleased with the Russian-language, pleasant interface. $ 1.99 [iTunes link]

Learning languages ​​with iPhone Spanish


Free application “Feed Me!” provides the opportunity to study one of the 8 languages ​​presented, among which there is Spanish. The game will appeal to beginners and children, the monster-like animal will gladly swallow your correct answers. [iTunes link]


The well-illustrated “Foreign Language Tutor” contains a whole educational complex. Various dictations, tests, exercises and grades should have a positive impact on the learning process. In addition to Spanish, the tutor contains 24 more languages ​​for teaching. But there is a small drawback – the size of the application is 637 MB. $ 9.99 [iTunes link]


The application “uTalk Spanish” turns the whole process into a kind of game, thereby stimulating the hemispheres of our brain to better memorize. The tutorial consists of only 275 words and phrases. Thus, the developer has made a bias more towards quality than quantity. $ 7.99 [iTunes link]

Learning languages ​​with iPhone French


In Byki French, the learning process is based on cards with images, we see a picture and click one of the proposed answers. The pronunciation of the correct word can be listened to, thereby training not only visual, but also auditory memory. $ 7.99 [iTunes link]


The free version of French WordPower, along with training, allows you to record your voice, and then listen and compare it with the correct pronunciation. [iTunes link]


The busuu.com internet service offers its product for learning French with iPhone. The 20-lesson course includes: illustrated tests, dialogues and vocabulary. Works without internet connection. The application also attracts with its Russian interface and freeness. [iTunes link]

In addition to the online supermarket applications App Store, I dare to suggest another way to study – you can purchase a course of lessons in mp3 format and sync it with the iPod application and start listening.

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