Lifeline … – story quest in text form

Lifeline ... - story quest in text form Many of you don't remember, but in the early 90s, text quests and MUD games were popular. Books with a non-linear or 'branching' storyline drew gamers and incredible adventures. The plot developed depending on the decisions made by the player and it was exciting – deciding someone else's fate is exciting, just like in politics. Want to relive emotions from the past? Welcome to Lifeline … Lifeline ... - story quest in text form Lifeline … by 3 Minute Games is a text quest game with minimum hardware requirements iPhone and iPad. But this is further proof that the graphics and controls in the game are not the main thing. The main thing is the plot! Lifeline ... - story quest in text form The plot in Lifeline … describes the fate of Taylor – an astronaut student who, by chance, got on the Varya spacecraft. The starship was heading for the planet Tau Tseti IV, but the mission ended in failure, the ship crashed onto an unknown planet. Only Taylor survived and was forced into an escape pod. Lifeline ... - story quest in text form The only one Taylor could contact was you. Your task is to help an inexperienced and panicked student survive. The fate of a person will depend on your decisions and advice, and this is a huge responsibility. Lifeline ... - story quest in text form Playing Lifeline … is corny simple: you read Taylor's messages and give advice with one of 2 options (just click on the appropriate button). Taylor is obedient and fulfills all your recommendations exactly, and he has nowhere to go, the unknown planet is hostile. On the screen iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch you will not see anything but text (thanks for the Russian). The effect of presence is emphasized by background music, which is 100% consistent with the theme of the game. Lifeline ... - story quest in text form Lifeline … stretched out in time, the actions of the main character do not take place instantly. Event messages go to the Notification Center on mobile devices or smart watches Apple. The developers promise several days of exciting gameplay and judging by the rating of the game (mail full 5 stars), the promises have been fulfilled. If you made a wrong decision and the main character dies, you are returned to the last checkpoint, when something can be changed. Lifeline … is a game for those who like to read, because you will need to read a lot. And if in games you value not only the picture and sound, but also the plot, you will certainly like the quest. Only 15 rubles, no advertising and the ability to play offline – why not try something new?

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