Light This Up – let there be light!

Light This Up - let there be light! Light This Up is a puzzle game for iPhone that may not be for everyone. Perhaps this is one of its advantages, because really complex products are not popular among developers, since they are designed for a smaller audience, which means that the income potential is lower. Apparently, this is exactly the case when the creators of the application decided to take quality, not quantity. And you will definitely succeed in training your brain using Light This Up … The first thing you will see when you start is a small animation with training on what and how to do. The point is simple: connect the various components of the electrical circuit together to light a light bulb and light everything around. Light This Up - let there be light! However, everything is not so simple – you need to do it this way, since in the game, as in the real world, the laws of physics are true. With each level, food for the mind will become more and more, and I hasten to please those who already liked Light This Up – there are as many as 200 such levels! The circuits will become more and more complex due to the fact that the number of bulbs will increase, and in addition to the basic ones, additional electrical components will be added. For example, resistors designed to linearly convert current strength. Light This Up - let there be light!Light This Up - let there be light! The action becomes even more fun due to the fact that you do not need to constantly tap your finger on the screen. It is enough just to drive carefully, because the line does not disappear when you pick it up. In addition to the 'Classic' set, for a small fee ($ 0.99), the developers offer to buy packages with other schemes, which will certainly be appreciated by those players who are actively interested in the gameplay. Light This Up - let there be light!Light This Up - let there be light! If at any of the levels the passage has become too difficult – you can click on the icon with a question mark, and get a small hint as part of the correct connection diagram. Light This Up is an unusual puzzle, at least in that it is more difficult and targeted at an audience with an interest in physics and mathematics. Nevertheless, the developers have got a really interesting application, which, despite the high price tag, can be recommended to all fans of the genre.

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