Listener for VK – only listen [Free]

Listener for VK - only listen [Free]

A huge base of music and the ability to search and add your favorite songs to your own music collection is probably one of the most popular features of VKontakte. And although this option regularly leads to problems for VK owners with advertisers, it is difficult to imagine this social network without this killer feature.

Listener for VK - only listen [Free]

When you start the 'VK Listener' for the first time, the application will prompt you to go through a quick tutorial, displaying the control features on the screen, as you can see in the screenshot. To start working with it, you need to log in under your VKontakte account.

When you launch an app based on a recommendation, it will suggest a specific song for you. In response, you can do the following:

  • swipe right: add the track to your audio recordings;
  • Swiping your fingers to the left: Skip to the next song
  • Swipe Down: Purchase your favorite song from the iTunes store.

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When selecting recommendations, only a 30-second fragment is played, which is done to optimize the selection of music. If you like the song, we add it to our audio recordings, if not, we scroll further.

Listener for VK - only listen [Free]

You can enable or disable the display of covers, change themes (6 to choose from), control the quality of YouTube videos, and share your favorite track with friends.

Listener for VK - only listen [Free]

The only drawback of the application is the impossibility of listening to music offline.

But, this need is dictated by the policy Apple, which definitely would not let a program with such functionality into the app store, and there are enough examples of this.

In general, the developers have got a convenient player that allows you to listen to songs from the most popular sources, while replenishing your music collection. At the same time, the 'Listener for VK' itself can be installed for free, and built-in advertising is removed for 59 rubles, which can be done using in-app purchases.

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