Livio Car Internet: radio app for car enthusiasts

Livio Car Internet: radio app for car enthusiasts

Developers of programs for smartphones Apple create many applications for online radio broadcasts. In most cases, these programs are very similar to each other and do not stand out in anything remarkable. However, the diversity even among such programs of the same type can still be found. For example, a radio application called Livio Car Internet is significantly different from its competitors, if only because it is free.

More precisely, shareware, that is, you can limit yourself to a set of 8,000 radio stations, or you can buy the paid version of the program on iTunes for $ 5 to choose from more than 50,000 radio broadcasts. Agree that for an unpretentious car enthusiast, namely for such users, the application is primarily targeted, the radio stations available in the free version will be more than enough. In any case, before making a final choice, we advise you to try out the free updated version of Livio Car Internet 2.2.2 in practice.

Due to the fact that the program was created for those who spend a lot of time on the road behind the wheel of a car, the application interface is outrageously simple. Without choosing unnecessary options, in a few clicks the user, without looking up from the road view, will be able to select the desired radio station. To do this, the menu has 6 cells, where you can pre-enter your favorite radio frequencies.

Livio Car Internet: radio app for car enthusiasts

To find the radio station you want, you can use the automatic search function to select known radio stations or to match similar stations. Just swipe your finger across the phone's display and the program will start looking for stations that match the radio wave that is playing at the moment.

In addition to the listed features, Livio Car Internet has many other advantages:

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– multitasking support (the program works while you are using other applications);

– radio broadcasts are carried out through the mobile version of the Safari Internet browser, which is very convenient when using the phone to send SMS or chat in chats;

– the presence of a filter to eliminate radio interference and improve the quality and purity of sound.

Livio Car Internet: radio app for car enthusiasts

Among the shortcomings is the not always working function of parallel calls while the application is running and the fact that the radio broadcasts through Livio Car Internet cannot always be turned off the first time.

Developer: Livio Radio

Price: free (you can upgrade to a paid version)

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires at least iOS 3.2.

Install from AppStore: Livio Car Internet

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