Loco Motors – constructors' cup

Loco Motors - constructors' cup Loco is not only an abbreviation for a famous football team. In some foreign languages, it means crazy. Well, judging by the name, the game adds some unpredictable turn of events to the boring and monotonous traffic. In this application you will have the opportunity not only to design a car to your liking, but also to take part in a competition on it, and, who knows, may even become a prize-winner. The game has been in the top for a long time App Store, and this allows us to conclude that it will not be boring. So, for starters, it's worth saying a few words about the 'skeleton' of the game. The application can please you with a large number of levels, namely, 50 of them. Each level has its own unique track, as well as the presence of any 'chips', in the form of springs, gyres and so on. By the way, each level also has its own physics, which is very plausible. Also at your service are several game modes, including: 'story', which tells about the history of the creation and existence of Loco Motors; single race mode, as well as multiplayer mode, which allows you to 'drive' with friends on homemade cars. Loco Motors - constructors' cup I will also say a few words about the graphics and design of the application. The toy is made in a hand-drawn cartoon style. All colors are bright juicy, and go well. The graphy is also on a high level, responsive and smooth, without visible glitches. Loco Motors - constructors' cup The controls in the toy are also not supernatural. You won't surprise anyone with a simple click on the buttons, but on the other hand, this is perhaps one of the most convenient control methods, especially for such games. Loco Motors - constructors' cup Now, I propose to move on to the process of creating your own racing ballid. It is worth warning right away that the process is quite interesting, albeit time-consuming (after all, it is very difficult to build a good car that will be able not only not to fall apart on the road, but also to overtake rivals without difficulty). Loco Motors - constructors' cup In fact, the process of making a toy car is pretty simple. First, you need to draw a line (one or more), which will represent the frame of the future car. Loco Motors - constructors' cup Then we place the engine, gas tank, and so on, the main thing is not to forget about the racer himself 🙂 That's it, your unique racing ballid is ready, you can go to the track! Loco Motors - constructors' cup Don't forget to just pull the lever for a successful and powerful start!

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