Lose it! – drop unnecessary [Free]

Lose it! - drop unnecessary [Free] Every woman dreams of getting better every day, but counting calories is a very tedious and difficult task. How great it would be to have a pocket calorie counter with you. And now, in the vastness of the App Store, an application appeared that can satisfy this need. Lose It! The name speaks for itself. Lose it! - drop unnecessary [Free] The application is a kind of electronic diary of a losing weight user. To use the application, you must create an account, which indicates the current weight, desired weight, and similar details in the flesh before the date of birth. After registration, you can relax and start imagining yourself beautiful and fit. Lose it! - drop unnecessary [Free] Lose It is very easy to use. Thanks to the well-designed interface, even a child can understand the program. The application will calculate for you how many calories you have consumed, how much you have spent, as well as the required number of calories consumed per day to achieve your goal. To calculate, you need to note what and how much you ate per day, as well as the ways of “spending” the eaten. Not only calories are counted, but proteins, fats, carbohydrates (the main enemies of a thin waist). Lose it! - drop unnecessary [Free] A huge plus, thanks to which other similar programs fade into the background, is that the application is able to work without an Internet connection. Outwardly, the application even looks like a kind of social network. There are motivating programs, you can add friends and join groups. There is nothing more motivating than the desire to be the first and share your successes with the whole world. The application leaves a pleasant impression. It is interesting to climb, to understand and poke on different teams. It is very convenient to use and will become indispensable for fans of a healthy lifestyle.

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