Lumyer – Animating Photos [Free]

Lumyer - Animating Photos [Free] Lumyer is an application for iPhone that allows you to add animation to your photos by applying special video effects. That is, from a simple static image, a real 'live' video is obtained. If you want to surprise your friends, with the help of this program you will definitely succeed … First of all, you need to create an account with the service. If you don't want to do it from scratch, you can log in under your profile at Facebook. Lumyer - Animating Photos [Free]Lumyer - Animating Photos [Free] Now you have two options to choose from – either take a picture with the camera, or download the finished image from the Camera Roll. If you want to practice first, it's best to stick with the second option. Lumyer - Animating Photos [Free]Lumyer - Animating Photos [Free] Well, that's all – decide which of the effects you are interested in, you can even combine the two at once. Moreover, not the entire library is initially available; many effects can be additionally downloaded from the Internet. Lumyer - Animating Photos [Free]Lumyer - Animating Photos [Free] It is very good that a preview function is available for each of the effects. That is, you can see the results of applying it even before overlaying the image. It's hard to convey this in the screenshot, but believe me, it looks really cool! Lumyer - Animating Photos [Free]Lumyer - Animating Photos [Free] Moreover, the intensity of the overlay of the selected effect can be controlled, and the finished result can be shared with friends. Lumyer is a really fun app that allows you to get extraordinary results using just about any photo. But he also has a significant disadvantage – all the results of your creativity are saved in the service itself. There is no doubt that the application would be very popular if the animation could be exported in video format to the Camera Roll on the device.

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