LuxMeter Pro – light meter for iPhone

LuxMeter Pro - light meter for iPhone Along with numerous applications for listening to music, watching videos and reading e-books, iTunes also contains more specific programs that can be useful for all occasions. One of such applications, undoubtedly, is LuxMeter Pro – a sensor for measuring the intensity of illumination in rooms. Along with such popular applications for iPhone as noise meters and Geiger counters, lux meter programs have become very popular, which allow you to find out if the lighting in a room meets lighting standards. Such calculations can be useful for builders or scientists who need to study microclimate conditions or sanitary standards in a single room. How does this utility work? The application works on the principle of a conventional lux meter, only adjusted for the capabilities of a smartphone Apple. It is enough to launch the program and direct the phone to the light source in the room. After determining the parameters of the room, the program will measure the state of lighting and give the result in a specific unit of measurement – lux. LuxMeter Pro - light meter for iPhone Measurements are made taking into account the light source environment and according to the look-up tables loaded in the application menu. A more detailed scheme and principle of operation of the LuxMeter Pro program can be found on the official page of the application on the AppStore website. LuxMeter Pro - light meter for iPhone Developer: AM PowerSoftware Current version: 2.1.0 Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi and iPad 2 Wi -Fi + 3G. Requires at least iOS 4.2. Download the file ipa: LuxMeter Pro Install from AppStore The online store of lamps brings to your attention more than 5000 modern lighting devices. Nowadays, lighting technology embodies functionality and bold solutions, and the light is as close as possible to the natural spectrum.

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