Lyrics Mania – Lyrics & Music Recognition

Lyrics Mania - Lyrics & Music Recognition

Probably, many people already know Shazam and SoundHound music recognition applications. I can recommend them to all owners iPhone, especially since there are free versions of these programs. But now you can add Lyrics Mania to them. This application also determines the name and artist of a musical composition by ear, but this is not his main job.

The main thing is that Lyrics Mania knows the lyrics of almost all songs. You may notice that SoundHound has this functionality too. But he is very far from the hero of our review …

The song base is huge here. Actually, it is all from the site, where SoundHound redirects when it does not find the desired text. In some songs, the words currently being played are highlighted.

It is the words that are highlighted, not the line. Like karaoke.

Among other things, Lyrics Mania is a music player of the contents of the media library iPhone and iPad with recognition function. Looking ahead, I will say that this function really works with high accuracy – the application recognizes not only popular pieces of music. I was able to recognize a melody from a Russian film – credit!

Lyrics Mania - Lyrics & Music Recognition Lyrics Mania - Lyrics & Music Recognition

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Lyrics Mania will play back whatever you've uploaded to your device's library via iTunes. Tracks are grouped by artist, album name and playlist. The player itself is elementary.

Lyrics Mania - Lyrics & Music Recognition

In order for the application to successfully recognize the melody, start playback, go to the MusicID screen from the user menu and click on the corresponding icon. This is how Lyrics Mania recognizes music very accurately. But only with an active internet connection (for obvious reasons).

Lyrics Mania - Lyrics & Music Recognition Lyrics Mania - Lyrics & Music Recognition

As I said, the application successfully recognizes not only popular musical compositions, but also melodies from Russian films.

After recognizing your iPhone or iPad, the name of the song, artist and lyrics are displayed. The text is not always available.

The text can be downloaded to the device memory and used without an Internet connection, as well as share it with friends via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Google + or Messages.

Lyrics Mania - Lyrics & Music Recognition

Lyrics Mania is not for sale, everyone can download it for free, but in this case, an advertising banner will be displayed at the bottom of the screen on each page of the application. An attempt to close it opens a special page where you can refuse advertising for money. The unpleasant thing is that you have to pay for disabling ads not once, but periodically (once a month or a year). Disconnection for a year costs 349 rubles.

Lyrics Mania definitely deserves to be on the list of the best apps for iPhone. If you love music, then the program will come in handy.

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