MagicalPad – Creative Organizer [Free]

MagicalPad - Creative Organizer [Free] Brainstorming is one of the most effective ways to solve various problems, and today our review is devoted to an application that perfectly combines an excellent organizer and the ability to collect all thoughts into one and build a solution algorithm. This is the “MagicalPad” application. MagicalPad - Creative Organizer [Free] This application is perhaps the first application of its kind that is capable of combining such a large number of functions. In addition, the application is made quite nicely and conveniently in use, and also has an intuitive menu. MagicalPad - Creative Organizer [Free] MagicalPad is a set of boxes (each of which is made like a magnetic board) corresponding to certain topics, such as, for example, “favorite places”, “work”, “rest”. You can also create boxes (lists) on any topic. MagicalPad - Creative Organizer [Free] Inside each box you will find a whole small world 🙂 the application differs in that, roughly speaking, in the same plane you can build graphs, tables, attach photos, write notes and even make sketches (just like on a classic magnetic board). MagicalPad - Creative Organizer [Free] Moreover, the application assumes the ability to send a box by Email, as well as exchange to Tweeter and Facebook. The latest app update has added the function of sharing data between devices using iCloud. I must admit that this function makes the application almost irreplaceable, since now all your plans, ideas and suggestions will always be available. The application allows you to export files to vernote, Dropbox and Google Drive and supports a large number of different formats, including PDF, JPEG, RTF, TXT, OPML and so on. MagicalPad - Creative Organizer [Free] MagicalPad works great on both iPhone and iPad, but it's better to use it on iPad, it's just more convenient due to the larger screen. And if you still have a special stylus, then using it becomes even more convenient. VIDEO

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