MallER Play – “smart” scanner for digital products [Free]

MallER Play - MallER Play is an interactive scanner for glossy magazine covers, movie posters, posters and various advertising materials, which will not only tell you about the contents of the cover, but also show it. No barcode or QR codes, just a picture is enough. The loud words of the developers on the MallER Play description page in App Store are certainly good, but we all know that they are not always true, so it was decided to test the application in real conditions. MallER Play - Field tests have shown that MallER Play really works! We were able to recognize posters for the new releases of the Expendables 3 and Guardians of the Galaxy from KinoPoisk, covers of the glossy magazines Quattrotoute, GQ and CHIP directly from Google Pictures. There were no printed materials at the time of testing, images were scanned from the Retina screen MacBook Pro. The application managed to obtain the following information: 1. About the movie: cover, description, trailer, schedule and tickets. 2. About the magazine: cover, information, the whole magazine. MallER Play -   "smart" scanner for digital products [Free] The commercial application, in addition to the main functionality (the scanner itself), aggregates in itself a lot of useful information: for fans of “reading” there are articles from their own magazine, a catalog of companies and the goods and services they provide, the ability to send free SMS (only for registered users), subscribe for promotions, leave your own comments and feedback, in general – there are plenty of opportunities. MallER Play -   "smart" scanner for digital products [Free] Summing up the results of a brief acquaintance with MallER Play, I would like to say: the application does its job, provides up-to-date and detailed information about digital products and does it with sufficient quality. You need information about movies, magazines, services and goods available in your city “here and now”, MallER Play is the very place on your desktop iPhone.

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