Manuganu 2 – Mario Adventures in Africa

Manuganu 2 - Mario Adventures in Africa An excellent arcade game that will allow the brain to switch from problems to positive emotions. Five minutes of the game, and nothing bad will remain in your head. As long as you wiggle your fingers, your brain rests. Moreover, the mission is also responsible – you need to save a friend. So our hero Manuganu, who carelessly lived with his friend Dedi on a tropical island, went to save him when an evil demon stole him and imprisoned him in a cage above the mouth of a volcano that was about to wake up! Beautiful three-dimensional cartoon design and pleasant visual design will allow you to fully enjoy the journey … Manuganu 2 - Mario Adventures in Africa Ahead there will be 40 different levels, many obstacles, traps and epic bosses, which will be oh, how difficult to defeat. But, our hero knows how to jump high, swim and not only constantly run, but also stop in place when necessary. A very useful feature that is rarely found in the runner genre! All levels in Manuganu 2 are divided between several locations – canyon, cliff, jungle and volcano – which you will pass in turn. Training as such is completely unnecessary here, because there are only two controls – a button, after pressing which, the hero jumps up, and a button that stops running for a few seconds, which allows you to avoid obstacles. Manuganu 2 - Mario Adventures in Africa By pressing twice at the same time, you can perform a flip jump. I must say that most of the elements of the environment are quite friendly to our Manugan, and at the first levels there will be almost no danger – just know yourself, jump, and collect coins. For example, fly agaric mushrooms can be used as a springboard, and lianas allow you to move through the jungle, like Tarzan Burroughs. Manuganu 2 - Mario Adventures in Africa Manuganu 2 - Mario Adventures in Africa Before us is a great example of a game, when an attempt to copy another popular product led to an original and really interesting result. Fans of Mario and Rayman immediately understand what exactly inspired the developers, but this does not diminish their merits, because it turned out really cool. The price of 15 rubles can be considered almost symbolic, because Manuganu 2 can be confidently recommended to all fans of the runner genre.

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