MapMyRide: Sports Training Assistant [Free]

MapMyRide: Sports Training Assistant [Free] In the spring, everyone is imbued with a healthy lifestyle. Jogging, hiking, cycling … Now is the time to correct the desktop iPhone, adding sports and travel applications there. For example MapMyRide. This application is primarily designed to record the GPS track of all your sports movements. Based on this data, you can get a lot of useful information about your workouts: distance, current, average and maximum speed, time spent, and other statistics. In addition, you can count the calories burned. The application also includes a social network: you can post the routes of your runs or trips, follow the sports progress of your friends. MapMyRide: Sports Training Assistant [Free] The app is linked to the web service, where you can do more analysis and training planning. But also iOS – the application has rich functionality: you can select different sports, set different parameters for each of them, edit saved routes, place marks along the way, export to formats for printing and exchange. With MapMyRide, you can track not only your movements, but also your diet: the application will help you calculate the energy value of foods eaten, correlate this data with the calories spent during training. MapMyRide: Sports Training Assistant [Free] MapMyRide: Sports Training Assistant [Free] MapMyRide is suitable for all devices running iOS 4.2 and higher. Install from AppStore

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