Maven Web Browser: Creative Internet Browser

Maven Web Browser: Creative Internet Browser

Since smartphones Apple are directly related to the use of the mobile Internet, every year developers release both mobile analogs of well-known PC browsers and new programs. This is not to say that they are all monotonous, but truly original browsers with a set of unique features are extremely rare. And Maven Web Browser 1.3 is one of those.

The advantages and innovations in Maven Web Browser 1.3 are more than enough for several programs, the functions are designed for different categories of Internet users, and the price is more than attractive – the application costs a little less than a dollar on the iTunes website.

The original mobile web browser has quite a few options, here are the main ones that will grab the attention of any user:

Maven Web Browser: Creative Internet Browser

1) 'Photo Wheel' (Jog-Dial) for browsing your favorite web pages. With this function, it is very easy and quick to find the desired sites in bookmarks or in Speed ​​Dial (like in the Opera browser).

2) Innovative Track Pad (Track Pad), which will avoid all the inconvenience associated with scrolling long pages. Just 'tap' the red button at the bottom of the display and the page can be scrolled with a flick of your thumb. You can also tap to quickly switch between open tabs.

3) Convenient manager for storing passwords, just like in Firefox browser. Logins and passwords will be saved in a special log iOS KeyChain, accessible from the browser menu.

4) Adding a download manager (Download Manager), very similar to a similar manager in Opera. This function will allow you to download files from the Internet even if the phone is switched off urgently.

Maven Web Browser: Creative Internet Browser

5) Improved privacy settings. You can surf the Internet in private mode without saving the history and archive of visited pages.

6) A special mode for reading pages without annoying banners and advertisements, as well as the ability to simultaneously view two tabs.

Maven Web Browser: Creative Internet Browser

Obviously, many of the features have been 'borrowed' from Opera and Mozilla Firefox. As a result, Maven Web Browser 1.3 is a hybrid with the most beloved options of the two most popular browsers plus with the addition of unique features, offered to the user at a very reasonable price.

Developer: DJ Kang

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires at least iOS 4.1

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