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Max Payne Mobile - updating your favorite game Max Payne Mobile - updating your favorite game Max Payne was originally released on PC back in 2001. With a new approach to the game mode, it won the hearts of millions of players and became a cult. The third person shooter in App Store was announced early this spring. Recently this application for iphone has been updated. The new version has support for iCloud. The game state is synchronized between all iOS devices of the same Apple ID. The plot of the game tells about 3 years from the life of an agent of the anti-narcotics agency. Max Payne was wrongly accused of the murder of a colleague and best friend. While hiding from the police, Max unexpectedly goes on the trail of the people who killed his family. Max Payne Mobile - updating your favorite game The main focus of the game is on shootouts. Remember that Max's enemies have more survivability than Max himself, who on a simple level dies after only 5 pistol hits. Therefore, pay special attention to attentiveness and planning of actions. The gameplay is based on the use of time dilation – it is thanks to this property that Max is able to change the course of the battle. Bullet time allows you to avoid injuries and jump to the side and shoot at the same time. The slowdown scale is replenished not by killing enemies, but over time. Max Payne Mobile - updating your favorite game Enemies .. They learned to act as a team and hide behind cover; dodge and run away from a thrown grenade; die in different ways, depending on where the bullet hits … A headshot – 100% death … Max Payne Mobile - updating your favorite game Max's arsenal has been significantly replenished – a secondary weapon menu has been added (sawed-off, baseball bat, m79 and m24, Berreta, etc.), Max is able to fight hand-to-hand, throw grenades and Molotov cocktails. The game is addictive, makes you go forward, think and predict … The game has a lot of pitfalls and ambiguous situations that can simply overwhelm you … In part 1, chapter 2 there is a secret mission – “I declare war on rats.” To activate it, throw a grenade into a hole in the wall (to the right of the player) – a rat squeak should be heard from the hole. After the explosion thunders, press F2 and open Max's new mission … On the walls you can periodically find portraits of the Remedy developers with the inscriptions “Missing” or “Wanted” … Over the entire game, Max kills 576 people (including the leaders and not counting drug addicts). Check your score)) In the latest software update, the shot button has become a joystick for aiming. Now it has become more convenient to aim and fire at the enemy playing on iPhone.

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